Drakenstein Sakekamer

Werkswinkel op 1 Maart was ‘n onvergeetlike ervaring/Workshop on 1 March was an unforgettable experience

Learning to Lead: Learning to Lead offers the Why and the How of the profound impact of human energy upon all human endeavors.

In a workshop presented for our members, by Colin Hall, he shared his passion for people focusing on individuals in teams and as part of society.

Colin spent 20 years with South African Breweries, ultimately serving as a director on its board. After leaving SAB, and while practicing as a management consultant, Colin served on the boards of a number of South African companies. He was appointed chief executive officer of the Wooltru Group (consisting of retailers Woolworths, Topics, Truworths and Makro) in 1988 and was appointed the chairman in 1996.

During 2000 Colin retired and took over the “Wooltru Leadership Program” and began to run the program independently as “Learning To Lead”.

Since 1992, Colin has conducted programs that are changing corporate culture. Through the “Learning To Lead program”, which he devised himself, he hopes to create new simpler pictures of leadership appropriate to South Africa and Africa.

The wisdom Colin uses is drawn from 50 years of business and professional experience and from a deep study of Old Cultures (especially our own African heritage), from Nature (which has remarkable lessons to teach), and from New Science (with its extraordinary ability to explain how humans and human systems work). Latterly, and most excitingly, Colin draws from the research he has undertaken on how the human brain really works.

Colin has shared this search for leadership with more than 25,000 colleagues, businessmen and women, professionals, local government officials, members of the South African Cabinet, members of the South African Police Service, educators and learners and countless heroes and heroines of the community. All have been his teachers on the way.

Colin had the participants glued to their chairs, was easy to listen to and those present left with a new passion for life and a firm resolve to harness their positive energy creatively. He used remarkable stories and class interactions to illustrate his points of view which he has collected from real life situations and his leadership programs.

The participants gained a thorough understanding of the need to change their world on a sustainable basis and to release creative energies towards a better environment.

All present came to the sudden realization that the most positive thing in the world is to LIVE and that they should go into the new emerging world together, and not as a solitary individual to make a difference. His lessons can be applied on both a personal level and and in the business environment to find find balance for personal growth by releasing positive energy.

His wisdom and sense of humor will linger with us for a long while after the workshop. His voice of reason and pragmatic approach is a shining light in the challenging SA of today.

For more info please view Colin’s website on:  http://www.ltl.co.za/