SME Champion: Myles Minnaar – Periculum Consult

Informed business leaders take better decisions

Our members are informed entrepreneurs which ensure they manage their enterprises to the fullest of its potential.

Through the AHI Western Cape business training programs we can support you in developing a strategic plan to set out short, mid- and long-term goals and defining the steps necessary to achieve them.

  • Define your vision for your company
  • Define your business attributes
  • Know your business model
  • Establish a goal journey for the company
  • Outline your strategic plan
  • Create an action plan for your company
  • Review and modify on a regular basis
  • Be adaptable to market changes

We are also in the process of establishing an online small business advice center to assist new entrants and existing small enterprises with their training needs as well as business advice where government bureaucracy and red tape might prevent them from conducting business effectively. The center will also provide information on funding and incentives available to them via governmental agencies and departments where applicable.